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Father’s Day Photo Shoot

yesterday i shared a couple diy fathers day gift ideas i found on pinterest. i finished the iphone card without any problems but the awesome dad photographs still have a few kinks to work out.

we had our photo shoot today at granny’s house because her yard is super cute.

 well, i was hoping for better cooperation but i must say i’m delighted with the rather humorous shots little squirt gave me.

here are the three the made the cut. 🙂

he didn’t want to hold the letters the way mommy wanted him to and that is just fine

because we can still make out what they are

and they still spell dad no matter how you look at it.

so there! ha! i win!

oh and we wanted to show some love to grandpa and papa but he won the battle on that front.

this is as close as we got.

maybe we’ll try again next year.

and lastly, here’s squirtles posing with his t-ball gear.

so. cute.

and now i have another problem.

the frame i bought is for 3×5 photos. and walmart doesn’t print that size.

what to do what to do?! i’ll figure something out.

i’d love to hear/see what you’re doing for the dad’s in your life. if you have a post about it leave a link in the comment section below! hope to hear from you!




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Father’s Day Extravaganza!

i think i’m more excited about this father’s day than any other. thanks to pinterest i’ve found a fantastic tutorial for a card that absolutely fits my man’s personality to a t. thats not all, i also found inspiration for the perfect gift! i can’t wait to share the complete project with you. 🙂

if your guy is all about the apple products then this homemade card is for you…errr him. all you need for this project is black and white cardstock, spray adhesive, an exact-o knife {if you’re a crafty mom & you don’t have one you will find yourself needing one eventually, might as well buy one}, a cutting mat, and markers. easy peasy.

want to make this for your guy? here’s the tutorial.

found it via pinterest.

prepare yourself for cuteness overload for this next father’s day gift idea. now if i can just get noah to cooperate {& the weather}. i bought wooden letters {d & a} from hobby lobby and painted them my favorite color, teal. i also bought a picture frame so awesome that i can’t explain it with words. you’ll just have to wait and see. 😉 i can only imagine the cuteness and hilariousness that will become of our little upcoming photo shoot.

found this picture on pinterest as well.

i hope these DIY fathers day projects have inspired you as much as they have me. now go whip up something special for the dads in your life!

mandy ❤

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