I’m a young Stay at Home Mom with a passion for creating. This blog is about my crafting adventures; believe me I go on a lot of them, mommy-hood, and just everyday life. I like to get my crafty hands on just about anything but my main passions are sewing, crocheting, and all sorts of hair accessories. I’ve just started getting into sewing and I’m excited to begin looking for a brand new digital sewing machine complete with the works.

I have an Etsy account that I opened in November of 2010. I love being a part of a hand-made community! And have been blessed with wonderful friends who have supported me along the way. My products won’t always be the same as I lose interest and inspiration when I make the same items over and over. Right now I have flower headbands, puff bobbies, and clutches. This fall you can look forward to crochet ear warmers, more clutches, and who knows what else!

You can find me on etsy here: http://www.etsy.com/shop/CattailsStudio?ref=si_shop

And lastly, but definitely not least I follow Christ and this is not just as aspect of my life it encompasses it, at least that’s my goal. I want my faith to be intertwined with all I am and do so my posts will reflect that, some more than others.

Thank you for taking the time to meet me!



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